Our Future Residential Boys Homes



We are in the process of purchasing land and facilities to offer long term help where boys will be able to live here full time.  Once this happens our homes will be capable of housing eight boys and a mom and dad serving as house parents.  The houses will be specifically designed like a home including a master bedroom suite for full-time house parents, a separate entrance to be used during time off, a living room, kitchen and dining room for family style meals, a laundry room, and four bedrooms where two boys share each room. The houses offer an additional guest room for relief parents and families of boys that wish to visit on occasion.



We believe that family is very important to the success of these young men, therefore, we offer support and encouragement to families who wish to reunite.  We also understand that some boys will not able to return to their families and for those we offer the family environment and support system they will need until they become adults and are ready to go out into the world and prosper.



The Cross Bar H Boys Ranch will be accepting boys ages 12 to 14 years of age that are considered at-risk. Boys can then live with us until they are 18 if needed. There are a lot of definitions for at-risk. When defining the at-risk boy that fits our program we look at what society expects of them.  Our society is set up so that at the age of 18 the boy is considered an adult and is then expected to be able to take care of himself by being able to interact with others at college or a specific training environment and gain a skill that can be used to interview for a job, then get a job, and finally interact with others in a way to keep the job, therefore, being able to make, and keep enough money to eventually live on his own, raise his future family, and enjoy his life. Without the ability to get along with others and earn an honest living these boys are then at-risk of looking for other means of survival which at times can lead to criminal activity.

Cross Bar H Boys Ranch, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non profit corporation.