Who We Are

The Cross Bar H Boys Ranch has been a vision of the Cross Bar H Ranch family for many years.  The Cross Bar H Ranch is a family owned and operated working ranch located in Northeast Oklahoma and is just across from the new Boys Ranch land.  The Cross Bar H Ranch family, while raising their four children on the ranch, found through the years that boys of all ages would show up to help or play and then would stay around off and on for most of their lives.  With this in mind and then having the opportunity to work in the juvenile system, in detention centers and group homes, the desire to reach out even further and create a Boys Ranch where boys can come and learn valuable life skills was solidified.

About Us

Our Mission


Filling the Gap and Providing Hope to at-risk boys and their families; by offering God’s love and the life skills needed to become successful.

Ranch Lifestyle


The ranch is a fully operating working ranch, therefore, the environment provides a model of family, faith, and cowboy lifestyle as these young men engage in therapy as well as learning life skills such as team building, positive social interaction, job skills, money management skills, and the value of work that is needed to become successful individuals. 



The ranch offers the lifestyle opportunities to individuals desiring a non-traditional approach to therapy such as equine and outdoor therapy as well as offering camps to those wishing to enjoy this setting.        We currently offer these services through outpatient services as well as our camps until we are able to purchase our facilities to allow boys to live here full time.

Cross Bar H Boys Ranch, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non profit corporation.