The Cross Bar H Boys Ranch, Inc. (CBHBR) is a non profit corporation that supports at-risk boys and their families in need.  We currently serve in detention centers and group homes helping out with counseling needs as well as offering onsite counseling services, camps, and retreats to serve the public in an outpatient setting.  We are currently funding to purchase land and facilities that will allow us to further support those in need by increasing counseling services and camps and offering residential homes where boys will be able to live here full time.

The Cross Bar H Boys Ranch is privately funded and therefore exists only through your generous donations.     Thank you for helping those in need!

Future 80 Acres and Facilities!

This is a 3 level facility to be used for:

​Admin and counseling offices, conference rooms, cafeteria, and bunks for camps.

Two facilities to be used for:  ​Bunks for camps.

Future residential home sites.

Future ropes course.

Funding for: Our New Land and Facilities!

The Boys Ranch is currently operating through private donations and gifts with the goal of becoming self funded through varies endeavors including camps, a thrift store, livestock, shop projects, and a chicken lease venture.  The Boys Ranch currently has access to the Cross Bar H Ranch land, equipment, livestock, barns, corrals, shops, and outdoor arena to continue offering services while funding for our new land and facilites.  The Boys Ranch has also generously been allowed to use part of the new Boys Ranch land and facilities to extend camps and counseling services until full funding and the keys to the new Boys Ranch land and facilities are secured.  We are very thankful for this opportunity and very excited about being able to offer even more services in the future!

Cross Bar H Boys Ranch, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non profit corporation.